EventLolli® builds or enhances commercial stadium network-technology infrastructure by gamifying the arena!

The software platform helps in-stadium advertisers reach audience members through an interactive-display and sound system called EventLolli®.

The software is built from scratch in Python 3.8 and works with almost any set of extensions and customizations across any size device.

Licensing headaches for complex display technologies will become a thing of the past with our well sourced and built from scratch platform. The platform is fully tested and able to be benchmarked by any outside technology partner for performance and originality. So far, we've simulated interactive games as large as 1,000,000 players.

That's right, any size device and any size audience. From a phone to the largest possible screen in the stadium - you'll have a fully customizable fabric for in-stadium display advertising and sound that allows guests to win prizes and for you to reach more fans after the event.

We demo to select Professional sports teams and can offer consulting based off of our process too.

What can we do for your stadium?

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