These are the standardized website, web portal, web resource, web enclave, web enpoint, webhook or public "node" rules established by the V2GM "VERSION 2 GATE MASTER" STANDARD developed by NEW ENTITY OPERATIONS™. This was developed as part of the "WEBSITE RULES AND OPEN-FORUM REGULATIONS 1.0" guidelines document that recommends certain baseline security and forum moderation policies be put in place, mainly surrounding modular and able to moderated communities, in addition to the mechanical or programmatic tools to govern that type of community. This site, to the best of our abilty will comply with that standard. Https everywhere, security enhanced OS by default, and hosting/dns/payment partners that are industry leaders only.

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There may be patent pending material here that should not be thought of as being released into the public domain. Any concept discussed is for marketing purposes, masking the exact process of any underlying technology - all of which have never been shown to anyone. This means that there has been no public grant made on any technology discussed on this site. In the future, we reserve the right to patent what is deserving of "public use", and the appropriate steps will be followed to secure this property.


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