A lot! We work with High School, College, and Professional arenas. As long as you can seat over 1,000 people, we can talk about improving the guest experience inside!

EventLolli® mixes cloud-based games with software and hardware solutions to create compelling in-stadium experiences for guests.

There are two solutions currently being sold, but we're open for customizations too. We have a implementation service to help develop a venue-dependent fan engagement platform for commercial sports event organizers. This is our main focus, but we're open to other suggestions too. That's actually how we developed our second offering - a integrated software web application that any event organizer can deploy for marketing purposes. Free stuff? Check. Low-risk engagement? Check

EventLolli® can also be set up to act as a standalone web application to facilitate various social communications between separate and independent audiences in real-time, both in commerce and in experiential campaigns.

This application is written primarily in Python 3.7.

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